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Pediatric EMR reinvented: setting a higher bar

Aaron Sin, MD

Visually delightful, AI and smart automation-backed clinical workflows for pediatricians.

Independent pediatric practices are the frontline guardians of our children's health, delivering essential primary care nationwide coast to coast, from rural towns to urban centers. However, the foundational technologies meant to bolster the efforts of pediatricians frequently become impediments, with conventional electronic medical record (EMR) systems myopically focused on visit scheduling, note documentation, and billing. Yet, the reality of pediatric care is far broader than this traditional trifecta. It encompasses a multifaceted array of operations to run a practice, coupled with a growing imperative to better engage with patients and their families.

The imperative to demand more

Pediatricians intimately understand that delivering primary care for kids extends well beyond the capabilities of conventional EMRs. For independent practices, the stakes are high— every visit, every interaction has a profound impact not only on immediate care outcomes but also on the holistic experience of young patients and their families. Amidst these day-to-day difficulties, practices are navigating emerging pediatrics challenges. The evolution toward value-based care, rising healthcare consumerism demands, and stringent regulatory compliance needs are just the tip of the iceberg. Increasingly a shift beyond conventional EMRs is not just beneficial but essential. Practices need to eschew:

  • Manual task management: Tedious, repetitive tasks should be solved with tech-enabled automation (e.g., paper-based intake and screening tools).
  • Reactive approaches: Instead of ad hoc resolution of operational and clinical needs when the time is available, transition to proactive, automated processes within the EMR (e.g., phone calls for patient recall).
  • Error-prone workflows: EMRs should streamline visit documentation and billing in a pediatrics-optimized manner, with automation to support visit orders, diagnoses, note writing, and billing.
  • Confusingly inefficient user interfaces: Delightful, more intuitive EMR interfaces with fewer clicks are not just nice to have; they're essential for effective pediatric care that does not end in provider burnout.

Pediatric care must be supported by tools that are as dynamic and multifaceted as practices themselves. The challenge is clear: how can independent pediatric practices leverage technology to not just survive but truly thrive?

Setting a new pediatric standard

Imagine a modern EMR experience where practice operational efficiency, financial performance, and family loyalty and satisfaction are not just parallel tracks but a convergent point of excellence. This is where Develo steps in— not just as yet another conventional EMR, but as full practice partner bringing a reimagined pediatric software suite.

  • Modern infrastructure: Our secure cloud foundations ensure that patient data is not only protected, but also accessible when and where it's needed.
  • Intuitive design: Develo's elegant interfaces are crafted for ease of use, minimizing learning curves and ensuring that the focus remains on patients and not clicks.
  • Family-centered: Unlike EMRs built around adult patients, Develo is architected from the ground up around the family, accounting for the intricacies of guardianship and guarantor considerations, as well as the full range of sibling and caregiver relationships for young patients.
  • Real adolescent confidentiality support: Go beyond proxy access to configurable support for adolescent confidentiality across visit notes, diagnoses, and results.
  • Seamless integrations: From e-fax to e-prescribe to e-labs, Develo offers a whole suite of third party integrations that become a part of an orchestrated symphony that enhances practice performance.
  • Pre-configured content: Go live faster with Develo using pediatric-specific templates, macro phrases, practice forms, practice letters, pediatric orders, and other pre-configured customizable content available out of the box.

Practice-configured visit self-scheduling for both patients and parents.

Transforming care through AI and smart automation

Develo isn’t just a better EMR; it brings in the latest automation and artificial intelligence (AI)-backed workflows to actively work on your behalf.

  • Family engagement that resonates: Develo's cutting-edge family engagement includes automated visit reminders, mobile-based digital screens, automated patient recall with self-scheduling, and a user-friendly family portal to ensure that communication is as seamless as it is meaningful.
  • Check-in notifications: We actively monitor and validate patient and caregiver demographics as well as insurance information, and guide front desk staff on what information is incorrect or out of date.
  • Charge capture automation: Decrease errors, reduce underbilling, and boost biller productivity with pediatrics-specific automation of billing codes, units, and modifiers.
  • AI-enabled visit notes: Delightfully chart and spend more time with patients and families with fully-integrated AI-driven visit notes, backed with a library of pediatric visit templates and macro phrases.
  • Intelligent task management: Automated task generation ensures that tasks ranging from scheduling to results review are always addressed in a timely manner.

Family outstanding balance payments via automated mobile experience in sync with health plan reimbursements and in-person out-of-pocket collections.

The Develo difference

Develo isn’t just a conventional pediatric EMR— we are the modern technology partner to independent pediatric practices looking to future-proof their practice. We believe that the right tools enable pediatricians to practice at the top of their license, not only meeting today's challenges but also anticipating tomorrow's needs. If you are interested in a healthier tomorrow for our children, keep an eye out for our next update, or connect with us directly! And for more details, feel free to check out this Modern software for independent pediatricians podcast episode on The Pediatric Lounge.

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