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Develo was founded on our heartfelt conviction that while children are 1/3 of the US population, they are 100% of our future. Despite this reality, healthcare technology companies have largely overlooked the unique needs of pediatricians. Develo is changing that paradigm by offering the first end-to-end software solution tailored exclusively for independent pediatric practices.

We believe that a software revolution is overdue for pediatricians. Instead of settling for traditional EMR workflows, pediatricians should expect and demand delightful, seamlessly connected experiences that support rather than hinder patient care. They should also seek out integrated family relationship management to deliver the consumer-first experience that patients and parents increasingly prefer.

We are also firm believers that modern pediatric software must be underpinned by forward-looking data architecture. Develo’s FHIR-native, family-centered, and consumer-first approach perfectly aligns with this imperative. By laying the foundations for future pediatric innovation, Develo is poised to swiftly introduce the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning analytics, and automation technologies to deliver outsized value to independent pediatric practices.

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Leadership team

We are healthcare veterans passionate about advancing child health, and bring a unique blend of clinical, business, and technical expertise. We founded Develo driven by the unwavering belief that underserved pediatricians deserve cutting-edge software mirroring the excellence and importance of their work.

  • Physician with experience launching value-based care products at Innovaccer, and leading healthcare engagements at McKinsey. MD from Stanford, BS Biomedical Engineering from Yale. Father to baby boy.

    Aaron Sin, MD | CEO

  • Healthcare technology leader with a decade of entrepreneurial experience. Most recently lead engineer at Wellsheet building smart EMR user interfaces. BS Computer Engineering from University of Toronto.

    Han Ke | CTO


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